1 thought on “Poze Cluj Arena”

  1. I got to say you’ve done a fantastic job with the new arena. The finish and atention to detail it is exquisite. Cluj Arena looks good both on the inside and on the outside as well. You’ve chosen a nice/simple/catchy and practical name unless Arena Nationala Lia Manoliu (no need for such a long name for a stadium in my opinion!)
    I live in the UK and I have seen lots of stadium but I like Cluj Aena in particular. If I would to compare Cluj Arena with an English stadium that would be White Heart Lane (Totenham Hotspur’s stadium) whith pretty much the same capacity and fine finish. Good luck to the host team, hopefully they’ll do well and reach the fans expectations this season and good luck to Cluj Arena and wish them to be the venue for the most important matches in Romania and in Europe.


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